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How to buy?

You can buy cotton fabrics of a high quality with a finished, design prints.

Or you can order a unique print with a portrait of your pet.

To buy a product with a finished print.

1 Choose the necessary section in the menu. "For her" (if there is the need for the female fabric) or the section "For Him" ((if there is the need for the male fabric).

2 Using the cursor in the section you will see a drop-down menu. Choose what type of the fabric you want. T-shirt, jersey or something else. You will get into the catalog.

3 Find the necessary print. Choose the size, choose the necessary color (pay attention that that the price depends from the color of a product) Press "Add to Basket". Enter the basket and confirm the purchase by pressing "Checkout".

After registration order will be sent to production. Our fabrics don't lie in warehouses, and your order will be personally carried out for you. After the production it will be sent by the Russian Post ( Pochta Rossii)  to your address. (Please check the correctness of the address and index).

How to order an induvidual print.

I can draw a new print with your pet. For this purpose contact me using the address and make the note – "Pet's Portrait".  You can also contact through the social networks.