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Print "Mugger". The kitten of the Canadian is represented.

Cotton woman t-shirt with the tank top and a short set-in sleeve.
The slim fit.
Elastic edge piping of a gorge.
High-quality soft cotton cloth.

STRUCTURE: 100% cotton

Select size and color

  • 42 XS
  • 44 S
  • 46 M
  • 48 L
  • 50 XL
  • 52 XXL
$22.87 $20.33

Detailed description

Little, amusing kitten of the Canadian Sphinx breed with the name Ksarchik. This child was born in my house, he presented a lot of smiles to me and now continues to please his owners in Moscow with them. Ksarchik is not only the amusing fidget, but also very sensual, gentle boy appreciating embraces and kisses


Лаянна (Судак)
Очень мягкая, удобная футболка, которая прекрасно сидит. Принт яркий, веселый для людей которым не комфортно находиться средь серой массы!

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