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Cotton woman t-shirt «Summer mood»

Summer mood

Print "Summer mood". Print "Summer mood". There is the print of Bernes Sennenhund , a cheerful young dog. 

Cotton woman t-shirt with the tank top and a short set-in sleeve.
The slim fit.
Elastic edge piping of a gorge.
High-quality soft cotton cloth.

STRUCTURE: 100% cotton

Select size and color

  • 42 XS
  • 44 S
  • 46 M
  • 48 L
  • 50 XL
  • 52 XXL
$22.87 $19.48

Detailed description

 This is a dog of my sister. He is always cheerful, wishes to be on friendly terms with all, but prefers not to share his toys. He likes apple and carrot very much.  


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