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Cotton woman t-shirt «Love»


A print "Love" with the image of two dogs of the Bull - terrier breed 

Cotton woman t-shirt with the tank top and a short set-in sleeve.
The slim fit.
Elastic edge piping of a gorge.
High-quality soft cotton cloth.

STRUCTURE: 100% cotton

Select size and color

  • 42 XS
  • 44 S
  • 46 M
  • 48 L
  • 50 XL
  • 52 XXL
$22.87 $20.33

Detailed description

Get acquainted with this gruesome-twosome: Georgy and Vasilisa. They sincerely believe that they are kitties and their place on the hands of their favorite owners. And it must be mentioned, it is a really terrible breed. They are ruthless in their love! They can present kisses until someone is out of this world! Lovers live in Sevastopol and grow beautiful posterity.

I want to tell Zhorik and Vasilisa's owners - many thanks for the presented happiness from communication with these beautiful dogs and the derived pleasure from the drawing of their portrait!


Ольга и Валентин (Сочи)
Спасибо! Носим с удовольствием. Хорошего качества футболки! Обязательно закажем и футболки и с своей собакой тоже! Еще раз огромное спасибо!

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