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Cotton woman t-shirt with «Mood fall»

Mood fall

 Print "Mood fall". A t-shirt with the print of a Cornish Rex kitten.

Cotton woman t-shirt with the tank top and a short set-in sleeve.

The slim fit.
Elastic edge piping of a gorge.
High-quality soft cotton cloth.

STRUCTURE: 100% cotton

Select size and color

  • 42 XS
  • 44 S
  • 46 M
  • 48 L
  • 50 XL
  • 52 XXL
$22.87 $20.33

Detailed description

Absolutely magic Ryzhebobel of the Cornysh Rex breed!

Bright kitten with a spark inside!

The little hooligan, the instigator of all disorders in the house! Indefatigably and without a sleep, without a rest he is doing everything by his tail and pads, there's never a dull moment

The light girl!

Little fidget girl!

Thanks for Raila that allowed me to use a portrait for production of a print which presents an excellent mood!


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