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Cotton woman t-shirt «Heavens in the eyes»

Heavens in the eyes

The colorful print "Heavens in the eyes". The cat of the Canadian Sphinx breed is represented here.

Cotton woman t-shirt with the tank top and a short set-in sleeve.
The slim fit.
Elastic edge piping of a gorge.
High-quality soft cotton cloth.

STRUCTURE: 100% cotton

Select size and color

  • 42 XS
  • 44 S
  • 46 M
  • 48 L
  • 50 XL
  • 52 XXL
$22.87 $20.33

Detailed description

Ah, this cat of the Canadian Sphinx breed got an amazing name - Isabella the Sacred Look! Her eyes are really attractive, but in general she is interesting too.  If you get acquainted with this cat, you will think that there is some kind of cockroach living in her head, of the same color as her wonderful eyes! She is very careful, and to tell the truth – cowardly. The cat pays attention on the safety. Undoubtedly the most important person in the house - it’s her own person! She protects herself, she hides , she guards herself, loves herself, sometimes she doesn't trust people …Isabella at all her grace looks rather clumsy … She stumbles out of the blue, always manages to find in what to be soiled, where to fall down or to get stuck. And of course it's not her fault! It is, certainly, the mistakes of people around her! Thanks for Ravila that allowed me to use a portrait for production of a print which gives an excellent mood!


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